The Aesthetic Dental Solutions previously known as Aesthetic Dental Lab Pvt.Ltd has been founded in 2004. Their different backgrounds in dental techniques and mechanical engineering proved to be a unique merger. Fifteen years later, we are happy to launch ourselves in digital dental laboratory and offer a large range of traditional and modern crown, bridge, implant and orthodontic solutions.
Aesthetic Dental solutions has grown to be a leading dental laboratory in which sophisticated hi-end softwares and hi-tech machines are used for the production of all thinkable patient-specific, implant-supported screw retained or cemented sub structures and simple tooth supported crown and bridge cases. We are here to support you in your dental prosthetic success. We are loyal, dedicated and supportive in manufacturing the product you require.

Prosthetic™ Model System 2016®

The extreme height of standard when it comes to saw cut models…
In just a few minutes, the ProstheticTM Model System 2016 can produce a high-quality saw cut model, which offers outstanding precision that results from just one expansion process. The optimized design and the sophisticated arrangement of the special geometry guarantee ergonomic setting of the individual segments. Even critical approximal contacts can be precisely set on the model.
The already integrated split cast is characterized by a specially designed construction in order to facilitate model mounting in the articulator. Individual dies can be easily removed when required in order to scan and inspect approximal margins and contact areas of the model analogue.

Advanced equipment:
  • Machining of quality materials like titanium, chromium-cobalt, glass ceramics and zirconia requires very stable VMC and HMC machines as well as high end software. High-speed milling and intelligent machining strategies results in high precision and perfect surface qualities
  • 3D Scanner
  • Vacuum induction casting technology for production of our conventional crown and bridge work
  • Digital Shade Matching System
  • Encoder systems for high accuracy linear, angular and rotary feedback
  • High speed laser measurement and surveying systems for use in extreme accuracy and tool wear compensation
  • Probing systems and software for performance measurement and calibration of machine tools, job set-up, tool setting and inspection on our VMC and HMC machine tools
  • More than 100 different smart scan bodies and every major implant manufacture
Different Emergence profile options:
  • No tissue displacement ( smallest diameter non anatomical)
  • Supports tissue, ( anatomically shaped and up to 0.2mm wider than healed sulcus)
  • Contour tissue ( medium diameter anatomically shaped 1mm larger than healed sulcus)
  • Fully anatomic ( largest diameter abutment is provided with best possible emergence profile)
    (This may require surgical release)

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