Angled Abutment

To correct an unfavourable implant position an angled abutment often is the best solution to enable a good aesthetical result, the connection for a secondary part is positioned in the most efficient direction.

We are very proud to provide our customers with the latest advancements in dental technology, offered with outstanding personal and professional service. That is certainly no exception when it comes to implant restorations. To that end, we offer a skilled and dedicated team of technicians certified and trained in all phases of implant rehabilitation.

We have a long standing reputation for restoring implants and we provide you with experienced technical resources for all phases of implant reconstruction. We specialize in the planning and fabrication of your dental implant cases through the latest techniques from a variety of manufacturers including ADIN, Alpha Bio, Astra Tech Osseospeed, Bio Horizon, Bredent, Dentium, Dentsply-Frieadent-Frialt-Xive, Impact Implant, Neo Biotech, Noble Biocare Replace, Osstem, etc.

Using very advanced 5 axis, continuous and simultaneous VMC and HMC milling combination enables the manufacturing of the implant connection in line with the original specifications. No concessions are done in the quality of the implant connection as this is the base of the final restoration.

Simple choice of Abutment Types:

Our preference, in most cases, is to fabricate an anatomic custom abutment either in Titanium or a Ti- Zirconium hybrid custom abutment because we have complete control over emergence profile, margin height and margin design, as well as angulation and amount of retention. This allows us to deliver you an abutment and crown in perfect harmony with the soft-tissue architecture. In some cases we may ask thay you release the tissue a bit so we can give a natural emergence profile that blends in perfect harmony with adjacent teeth.

Different options for custom abutments
  1. Full Zirconia
  2. Ti based Zirconia
  3. Titanium
Screw-Retained FCZ (full contour zirconia)
  • One-piece alternative to cemented implant restorations. This restoration combines the abutment and crown into one solid restoration
  • Easily retrieved for maintenance
  • Porcelain applied directly to the Abutment
  • No excess cement during fitting
Benefits for Your Patient
  • Greater translucency for improved aesthetics
  • Chip-resistant, as it is made of full zirconia with no overlay porcelain
  • Glazed to a smooth surface to reduce plaque accumulation
  • Screw retained implant bridges and abutments
  • Single abutments, bars from 2 to 10 implants, bars from 2 to 14 teeth
  • Bars with anatomical shape in certain retentions:
    Mix (anatomical at the front), complex (completely anatomical)
  • Designed and manufactured using 5 Axis VMC and HMC machines the restorations are more accurate than any traditionally made restoration
  • They are free from distortions and defects, and show a predictable precision to ≤ 2.5 microns
  • Precision-milled from a solid piece of Zirconia, it’s a one-piece construction
  • Manufactured by milling machinery, ensuring the consistency is 100%
  • Manufacturing using 5 Axis VMC and HMC machines, makes the result very predictable
  • Suitable for all implant indications, and available for most common implant platforms
  • Allows to correct the insertion angle to prevent from vestibular non aesthetic screw access holes
  • Using the right design program, allows you to choose the right ceramic thickness for each zone