Inlay/Onlay/Veneer/Maryland Bridges

We offer you and your patients a wide array of material selections when prescribing a Maryland Bridge or Inlay/Onlay Bridge or Veneer. The traditional porcelain-fused-to-metal Maryland/Inlay bridges remain available, however newer material properties present with improved aesthetics and functional advantages. Here are two of our recommended material alternatives.
Zirconia and Glass Ceramics

High strength all-ceramic Zirconia offers ideal aesthetics, maximum strength and durability with CAD/CAM precision fits.

We scan, design and mill zirconia restorations onsite to ensure that you receive the quality product you expect from Dental Laboratories, to satisfy your patient's expectations. The zirconia crown restorations are sintered, creating a nearly indestructible material.
You can be confident in a consistent fit, because the zirconia restoration is fabricated using 5 axis CAD CAM technology. To further enchance the accuracy and expedite processing, we accept digital impression scans from any open STL file from your intra oral scanner. This intuitive technology allows you to choose between a model and model-free restorations.

PFZ (Porcelain Fused to Zirconia):

PFZ can be milled as a highly translucent zirconia framework for individually hand-layered veneering with premium quality porcelain. Available as single crowns throughout the arch or as multi-unit bridgework up to a full mouth bridge, PFZ’s are our recommended restoration for highly aesthetic all-ceramic ( metal free) restorations for both conventional and implant supported crown and bridge.

FCZ (Full Contour Zirconia) commonly known as monolithic:

FCZ, the newest full contoured zirconia restoration from Aesthetic Dental Solutions, features the many benefits of monolithic construction with no porcelain overlay. While FCZ is manufactured from 100% zirconia, you will be impressed with this new generation of translucent zirconia, the ideal replacement for metal occlusal PFMs, full metal restorations and posterior PFMs.

We are pleased to offer the most popular “Full Contour Zirconia” metal free option for the posterior. Full Contour Zirconia Crowns are the most accurate tooth coloured posterior tooth restoration option, which is widely accepted by your patients.

You will be impressed by the aesthetics of these zirconia crown restorations when prescribed instead of metal occlusal PFMs and/or cast metal restorations. The Full Contour Zirconia Crown, with no porcelain overlay, has virtually chip-proof durability. Its strength and glazed smooth surface makes it an ideal choice for bruxers who have destroyed their natural teeth or existing dental restorations.

  • Single crown to full arch
  • Inlays
  • Onlays
  • Veneers
  • Screw retained implant crowns
Zirconia Restoration Advantages
  • An aesthetic alternative to posterior PFMs with metal occlusals and/or full-metal crowns
  • Ideal for bruxers & who have destroyed other restorations
  • Made from biocompatible medical-grade FDA and CE certified zirconia
  • Monolithic material makes the restoration completely chip-proof
  • Fabricated using CAD-CAM technology for consistent fit
  • Conventional cementation protocol
  • Conservative preparation similar to full cast metal crown preparation
  • 1.0mm of occlusal space is ideal; however a preparation with at least 0.8mm is acceptable