Metal Ceramic Restorations

We recommend CAD CAM PFM for crown and bridge restorations in case where metal-free alternatives are not an option. We give you the precision of high end CAD CAM technology by the trust and authenticity of a global brand Tilite™. The metal substructure is manufactured by our in-house milling center using the high end 5 Axis simultaneous VMC and 5 Axis simultaneous HMC machine tools and hi precise design softwares and machining softwares. The waxups are digitally designed in our in-house CAD CAM systems, and the premium quality Wax Milling Blocks are milled in our in-house milling center followed by the Vacuum Induction Casting procedure providing the precise fit and optimum strength of the substructure.
DENTSPLY and Ivoclar integrated Ceramics for PFM

Ceramco3 and 3M ESPE Lava porcelains are complete porcelain-fused-to-metal systems that have been designed according to the unsurpassed and exacting standards. The innovative manufacturing process ensures that every porcelain layer is exactly matched to the shade guide. The entire system- from the opaques, through the dentins- natural enamels and opal enamels impart the fluorescence of natural dentition.

Ceramics for Layered Zirconia (PFZ)

IPS E.max and 3M ESPE Lava porcelains are zirconia overlay porcelains used for our Zirconia pressing and layering. It can be used for highly aesthetic single-tooth restorations such as inlays,onlays, veneers and crowns to the long span bridges such as full mouth cases.