Nightguards/Bleaching Trays/Bite Raising Appliance/Ortho-Splint/Ortho Clear Aligners

All Night guards/ Bleaching trays are made from premium quality dental materials only.
Moulded Hard Night-guard/Bite raising appliance

We are designing the Night Guards and Bite raising appliance in our CAD CAM System; as a result time-consuming adjustents of occlusion can be virtually eliminated.
The compression moulding system provides a homogeneous base with optimally compensated shrinkage. Tooth shade or clear acrylic can be used.
Please indicate a light, medium or dark colour.
Colours available: clear, White monochromatictooth colour.

Milled Mouth Guards/ Orthodontic Appliance

Hard acrylic material can be used to fabricate by CAD CAM technology in our in-house milling center. All bite guards are constructed to your occlusal plane specifications on the upper or lower arch.
Night Guards made by us are designed for maximum comfort and custom fit on a patient by patient basis

  • Hard Processed Acrylic / composite
  • It can be designed with various thicknesses. We articulate and create equilibrium on the occlusal surface. This is trimmed to about 3mm from the incisal edge to accommodate undercuts.
  • Colours Available: Clear, Monochromatic A1-B2, Bleach Shade